Falls Prevention and Exercise Physiology: Keeping You Safe And Active

As individuals’ bodies undergo many physiological changes as we age, or following an injury, these changes may affect our balance, coordination, and overall health. Falls are one of the leading causes of injuries and hospitalisations which can have serious life-altering consequences such as broken bones, head injuries, disability, and loss of independence. However, there are steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of falls and maintain our mobility and quality of life.

One of these steps is through fall prevention strategies that can be put in place by exercise physiology services.

Falls prevention services include a comprehensive fall risk assessment, education on fall prevention strategies, and exercise interventions to improve and prevent the risk of any falls. Falls prevention and exercise physiology services include programs that aim to improve an individual’s strength, balance, mobility, and overall physical function in order to reduce the risk of falling.

These services are tailored specifically to each individual’s goals and needs to ensure an individual’s best outcomes.

The Benefits of Falls Prevention Include:

  • Reduced risk of falls:

Falls prevention services led by an exercise physiologist can help identify and address factors that may increase your risk of falling, such as poor balance and/or mobility limitations, and provide targeted exercises and strategies to improve safety, therefore, improved confidence.

  • Improved physical function:

Exercise physiology services can help improve an individual’s strength, endurance, and coordination which can enhance an individual’s ability to perform daily activities, maintain independence and prevent chronic conditions.

  • Enhanced quality of life:

Falls can be a significant source of fear and anxiety. Exercise physiology services will encourage confidence when at home or while out in the community, therefore leading to increased community engagement.

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Written By Exercise Physiologist, Chyanne Everingham