New Graduate Refresher Program

New Grad Refresher Breakdown

Earlier last month our 2023 new graduates underwent our annual refresher program. It involves our new grad teams from Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, and Occupational Therapy all coming together for a day-long program to enhance their skill set, build on their knowledge, and become more confident in their ability to assist their communities.

Using our in-house team to present on topics that they have a strong interest and expertise in, our new grads were able to learn from the best in the business (all from Sports & Spinal and/ or Total Rehab Solutions!).

Topics covered throughout the day included:

  1. Gerontology & Falls Prevention
  2. Cardiorespiratory
  3. Cognitive Rehab
  4. Gait/ Biomechanics
  5. Cognitive Rehab
  6. The Non-Ambulant Participant
  7. Part 1: Neuro & UL Task-Specific Rehab
  8. Continence Issues
  9. Part 2: Neuro & UL Task-Specific Rehab
  10. Motivational Interviewing

The Feedback

Our new graduate group thoroughly enjoyed the refresher program and found value in each topic and presentation from the day. Here’s what some of our team had to say.

I’m really enjoying and looking forward to continuing to learn more about areas that I’m interested in and TRS allows me to do that. It’s fantastic to have a company that is supportive of professional and persoanl development.

Luca Holland – Sunshine Coast Occupational Therapist

Working with TRS has exceeded my expectations. Working in the community space you’re enabled to have your independance and work with client’s through your own style all while having constant support for the TRS team.

Emily Ashley- Sunshine Coast Physiotherapist


To learn more about Total Rehab Solution’s new graduate program click here. To see current new graduate careers or to apply click here.