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Total Rehab Solutions offers Allied Health Assistant services, caring for patients of all ages with physical or intellectual disabilities, or those suffering from chronic disease.

At Total Rehab Solutions, we have a group of experienced and passionate Allied Health Assistants (AHAs). Our AHAs are a valuable addition to our team and are trained professionals who provide expert support and provision under the clear direction of our allied health professionals. Our AHAs work closely with our allied health team, reporting to them regularly to ensure the best outcomes are achieved throughout our therapy sessions. Our team of AHAs will work hard for you in conjunction with our allied health team in assisting you in making progress, gaining confidence, and achieving your goals.

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  • Exercise Physiology support
  • Physiotherapy Support
  • Occupational Therapy Support
  • + Much More!
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Common Questions About An Allied Health Assistant

An Allied Health Assistant works closely under the supervision of our Physiotherapists supporting and motivating our clients with their weekly rehabilitation programs.

An Allied Health Assistant is able to help your condition by supporting you on a weekly basis with your treatment plan and reporting back to the allied health team in order to provide the best possible outcome for your therapy sessions. Consistency with your therapy plan will increase your capacity for long term maintenance and improvements and overall wellbeing.

You can expect your allied health assistant to be supportive, communicative, and professional when it comes to completing your weekly exercise program.  This program will be formulated by the physio and will target your specific areas of challenge and weakness to improve your balance, fitness, and overall function.

Implementing your therapy program in an engaging, enthusiastic yet safe and supportive way. Our allied health assistants will meet our clients where they are on a day to day basis recognising that our clients and their energy levels can differ depending on many variable factors. If your Physiotherapist thinks that some massage, mobilisations, and stretching will aid in your recovery our allied health assistants may use some hands-on treatment as well.

An Allied Health Assistant at TRS isn’t simply going to provide you with the support and encouragement you may need to complete your therapy program, they will go above and beyond to make sure you are feeling like your needs are being met as well as tailoring the Physiotherapy prescribed program in such a way that you are always excited and keen to complete it. TRS is committed to providing the highest quality or service and communication throughout our designated ea1t coast region. You can expect nothing but professionalism, a high level of knowledge, and friendly support.