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Total Rehab Solutions offers in-home dietician services, caring for patients of all ages with physical or intellectual disabilities or those suffering from chronic disease.
Servicing the Gold Coast and surrounding areas.

Total Rehab Solutions provides mobile and in-home dietetic services for people of all ages and conditions, commonly transitioning from hospital back into the community. Our mission is to help you obtain the knowledge and skills to empower you to make healthier eating choices. Servicing the Gold Coast and surrounding areas, we visit you at your home to assist in achieving your health goals by providing practical nutrition advice and support.

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Healthy Eating NDIS In Home Care
  • Pre-Diabetes Type 1 & 2
  • Gestational Diabetes
  • Overweight & Obesity
  • Weight Loss & Malnutrition
  • Cancer Weight Changes & Side Effects from Treatment
  • Osteoporosis Geriatric Nutrition
  • IBS, IBD, Coeliac Disease, Intolerance & Sensitivities
  • Diarrhoea & Constipation
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • High Blood Pressure
  • + Much More!
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Common Questions About Dietitian

There is lots of different dietary and nutritional advice out there. However, dietitians are the only qualified health professionals that can legally assess, diagnose and treat diet and nutrition problems.

Our dietitians provide expert nutrition advice and prescribe dietary and lifestyle treatments for many conditions to empower individuals to optimize their quality of life and health outcomes. They translate nutrition science into understandable, practical information about food, allowing people to make informed and appropriate lifestyle and food choices. Our dietitians can develop individual strategies, meal plans, prescribe oral nutrition supplements and much more to support their clients achieve their lifestyle and health goals.

Our dietitians can assist with a full range of conditions or lifestyle goals, including (not limited to):

  1. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  2. Food allergies and intolerance
  3. Cardiovascular disease (cholesterol, blood pressure)
  4. Diabetes
  5. Gastrointestinal conditions (Diverticulitis, IBD, Coeliac disease, GORD)
  6. Weight management
  7. Liver disease
  8. Mental illness
  9. Renal disease
  10. Increased capacity and food skills
  11. Lifestyle goal setting

A Dietitian can help your condition by assessing your symptoms with your diet and lifestyle to develop a sequence of nutritional education, strategies, or diet modifications into a specific treatment plan. Your treatment will vary depending on your condition. They will provide you with tips and strategies to help improve your symptoms and manage your condition to improve your quality of life.


You can expect your Dietitian to ask you a lot of questions and listen, so they can understand your individual circumstances and situations. A detailed medical, dietary and lifestyle assessment will be completed to allow the dietitian to understand factors relating to your condition. The dietitian will discuss the findings of their assessment and collaboratively develop a treatment plan with you. Your treatment may include diet-disease education, oral supplements, individualised meals plans and targeted dietary and lifestyle strategies.

At TRS, our dietitians provide evidence-based approaches to assist individuals to achieve their lifestyle and nutrition goals. Experienced in translating the science of food and nutrition into individualized and practical strategies, we provide the education, support and guidance required to achieve your goals. Practising evidence-based nutritional treatment, we appreciate that no client is the same and that a ‘one size fits all’ approach will not support sustainable change. Our mission is to help you with your nutritional concerns and goals, whilst promoting a healthy relationship and mindset with food. We work closely within our dynamic multidisciplinary team of highly motivated staff wanting to provide you with the best quality of care needed to manage your condition. Our highly skilled dietitians will always greet you with a warm smile and friendly hello, offering the best community-based service from North of the Sunshine Coast, as far down to the Gold Coast. Our focus is to provide industry-leading care in order to optimize the outcome of our patients.

“We provide collaborative, targeted, ethical and evidenced-based nutrition & lifestyle support”

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