mobile and in-clinic Paediatric physiotherapy

TRS offers Paediatric Physiotherapy, caring for children and adolescents with physical or intellectual disabilities or, those suffering from chronic disease.

Physiotherapy Paediatric Services

Total Rehab Solutions is delighted to offer Paediatric Physiotherapy services in a fun and developmental environment. Our highly skilled and specialised physiotherapists work with the client and their family to ensure an approach that reviews the client’s development and overall fine and gross motor function. Lead by an experienced Paediatric Physiotherapist, our assessments focus on an evidence-based and in-depth approach to helping identify and diagnose movement and any developmental concerns. Our Paediatric Physios understand the importance of building a strong relationship with the client creating a comfortable and positive environment to attain the best results.

Our expert Physiotherapist have expert skills in the assessment, identification and diagnosis of, and treatment of child development and movement difficulties. Throughout these assessments we recognise that children think differently, are built differently, and move differently so TRS come in from a tailored and educated approach to optimise the child’s physiotherapy sessions and always add a splash of fun!

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Our wonderful Paediatric team works with many clients on a wide variety of cases such as the following; (but not limited to)

    • Developmental Delays including late to sit, crawl or walk.
    • Babies who are using unusual patterns to move e.g., sitting, bottom shuffling or toe walking. b
    • Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida
    • Recovery from trauma and surgical procedures
    • Trouble will fine motor skills, jumping/hopping and ball skills.
    • Children with disabilities such as cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, autism, brain injury, muscular dystrophies, or other congenital syndromes or conditions
    • Children who have rheumatological and pain conditions such as arthritis, myositis, or chronic pain
    • Children following an injury or trauma who require rehabilitation to get back to their best.
    • Children with rumination
    • Children with chronic respiratory conditions such as cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis, or primary ciliary dyskinesia
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Common Questions About Paediatric Physiotherapy

In Australia, Paediatrics & Child Health is centred on the health and medical care of neonates (birth to 4 weeks) to children of 17 years of age.Paediatric physiotherapist specialises in gross motor development and support children with various diagnosis and presentations affecting body movement and physical participation. They can assess, treat, and offer education and advice to improve body strength and coordination, achieve developmental milestones, and improve body awareness and confidence for full physical and social participation. They work together with the child’s caregivers to come up with achievable goals and work in partnership to enhance the child’s interaction and experience within their environment.

  • Global Developmental Delay (GDD)
  • Gross Motor Delay
  • Neurological conditions affecting movement
  • Genetic conditions affecting movements
  • Metabolic conditions affecting movement
  • Orthopaedic conditions
  • Mobility aid prescription
  • Positioning aid prescription
  • Daily Living Aid prescription

No, just contact our friendly admin team and book in an appointment. If further medical review is needed, your therapist will guide you through the process.

During the initial Physiotherapy appointment such assessments will be conducted;

  • Assess your child’s motor and overall development, using our observation skills, special measures, and specific hands-on assessment techniques
  • identify what your child is doing well, what they are having difficulty with, and why they are having difficulties, and then.
  • develop a treatment program in collaboration with you and your child, which aims to address your child’s difficulties and maximise their abilities.

Throughout the assessment there may be hands on Physiotherapy, educated about your child’s condition and how they can improve, implementation of activities and exercise to help your child’s progress. Liaison with other allied health professionals for referrals and support to providers.

Research has been conducted that shows early intervention can improve outcomes for children with developmental difficulties. If there are any questions or concerns your specialised Paediatric Physiotherapist can expand your knowledge and help understand any concerns you may have. You do not need a GP referral to see us here at TRS.