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Telehealth is an online, digital platform that uses video to complete any and all healthcare consultations instead of being face to face. As the world is adjusting to the new “COVID Normal” this provides us with a way to complete all of our consultations at the click of a button while remaining safe and secure in the comfort of our offices and homes. Telehealth is a fantastic resource that makes the future of Healthcare accessible to all.


For Practitoners

  • The ability to communicate face to face with our clients without the risk of contact or transmission of illness during COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions
  • Telehealth allows us to share information to you via screen sharing, eg. Educational documents, videos of exercises, demonstrations and visual cues
  • Travel time is reduced which gives clinicians more time to spend planning treatment sessions and getting the best outcomes for our clients
  • Continuation of client care on a safe and convenient platform
  • A great learning opportunity to become better coaches via an online platform, honing our communication skills
  • Showing adaptability and understanding towards our clients that we are willing to help them in any way possible to complete their healthcare consultation
  • Ability to stay in the same place and see multiple clients back to back from all different locations
  • Allows the business to continue functioning at full capacity

For Clients

  • No barriers to accessing clinicians even when there are physical and environmental limitations (medically compromised, distance, unwell, on holiday, COVID-19 lockdowns)
  • Continuation of care from healthcare practitioners if medically compromised and high risk of infection, allowing the face to face communication without exposure to health risk
  • Sessions can be completed from any location, meaning if you are away or live rurally you can still have your allied health therapy on hand
  • Instant face to face connection, ability to communicate effectively and clearly to your clinicians without any risk of misunderstanding (as can happen via phone or email)
  • Can complete all exercise and educational based content without physical contact
  • Clinicians can provide on the spot adjustments and progressions to exercises safely and effectively, ensuring strength and function is maintained or increasing while complete remote consultations
  • Ease of use – no need to be tech-savvy to complete a consultation
  • Decreased cost of consultation for community clients as do not need to pay for clinicians travel

How To

If you feel Telehealth is the better option for you, please alert our Administration Team that you would like to complete your appointment via Telehealth. Admin will then send you an email to confirm your appointment

Common Questions About Telehealth

Try opening up the link an hour prior to commencement of your appointment time. You will be able to see the video feed and can move your device around until it is in the optimal position. If we are completing an information based consult, as long as we can see your face that is perfect! If you are completing an exercise based consult, set up your device with a clear view of your exercise area, that is far enough away for us to see you from head to toe.

Your session will be completely confidential, as it is required to have the same confidentiality, patient consent and security of patient information and medical records as any face to face consultation as per the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner. For more information, please see

No, you can choose to use headphones if that suits you, but otherwise your device will transmit the video and sound efficiently. Your clinician may ask you to have something ready (notepad, pen, equipment etc) which they will advise you of beforehand so you can be ready to go!